Voice of Healing

Tent Revivals

VOICE OF HEALING OUTREACH, is an International Prophetic Evangelistic Healing Ministry that travels the world speaking in churches conducting revival services and special rallies, where tens of thousands are born again and miraculously healed every year.

As a Revivalist Prophet Rich Vera has led many revivals. Most recently, the Lord has called him to begin Tent Revivals, as in the days of his mentor Leroy Jenkins. Beginning in Orlando, FL where he held a month long Tent Revival seeing miraculous healing, and thousands of souls saved. He will travel the country with the fresh mantle, to reach the unreached, and to demonstrate the miraculous healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ. The anointing that Prophet Rich carries, has led him to minister to entire regions that have been taken over by the Power of God, such as: 1999 -East Timor, Indonesia, he ministered to the Governor and warned of an upcoming event that saved his life, 2000 -Bagio Philippines, in 3 days of meetings the entire town was shaken by the miracle power of Jesus, 2001 -Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Prophet Rich ministered healing to the President of the nation causing an incredible door to open to minister to the entire nation by LIVE radio and TV in 10 days of meetings, 2007 -UpState, NY, the revival lasted 7 months, impacting the atmosphere of the entire region, thousands came from all over the region, 2009 -Orlando, FL thousands came to experience the Glory of God as night after night, for 40 days the miracle power of God shook the region. Establishing Prophet Richʻs presence in the City as a unique ministry, in todayʻs standards, with the Biblical principles of signsand wonders following, and the demonstration of the miraculous.

The anointing that Prophet Rich carries, has led him to minister to entire regions that have been taken over by the Power of God..

He is the Founder, and Lead Pastor of The Center Arena a Healing & Revival Church in Orlando, FL. It is a fast-growing apostolic, and revival church with an International footprint.

Prophet Rich is regularly invited to minister, and speak at many different Prophetic conferences, and Revivals alongside Prophet Tracey Cooke, and Cindy Jacobs. He is no stranger to TV, his first interview was with Paul Crouch, Sr., the Founder of TBN, the largest Faith-Based Christian Television Network in the world. Since then, he has appeared as a guest on several broadcasts of Praise the Lord on TBN in New York, Miami, Orlando, and Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. He is a regular guest on Sid Rothʻs show Itʻs Supernatural , and now secular media is taking an interest in the ministry of Prophet Rich Vera, and Voice of Healing Outreach.

During The Tent Revival of October 2020, there were several international news media that came from Latvia, and Great Britain to not only see the miraculous healings, but to get Prophet Richʻs view on the elections that were forthcoming. November 2,3,4 of 2020, VICE Media Group, filmed a Documentary called Godʻs Country which followed Prophet Rich behind the scenes, at his home with his family, and at the services of “One Nation, Under God”. The focus was on the elections, and how/what evangelicals believed. To the secular news media Prophet Rich Vera, and Voice of Healing Outreach are unique. They have come to his meetings to witness miracles in the presence of God, resulting in articles on the front page of newspapers and nightly news stories. MTV (Music Television) has also, attended and recorded one of his meetings as he ministered under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, as part of a reality show based in Maui, HI. Many times, the camera/film crew have left with a new infilling of the Spirit, and an eye-opening experience to understand the power, and the presence of God.


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